suck it list

pizza is doable - suck it pizzahut!

roti is doable - suck it all-d-bakery-in-m'sia!

cendol is doable - suck it mamak!

next doable item: chicken peri - peri. jaga - jaga cik salmah!



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ouh, it's her birthday!

post ini lambat. 23 years ago she already turned 1 day by this time.
akak & ayah kid around on her birth time. if you were born sharp at 0000 hours, technically, you don't have a specific birth day, since 0000 is at the border - transition between yesterday and today. mcm ats pagar - you don't belong to either side.
she just laughed dat silly joke away.
ouh how we grew up together - kick around, keeping secrets, telling stories, sharing dreams.
"kak, kalau dah besar nanti dah ade duit, kau nak beli ape?"
aku cakap aku nak beli rumah, nak beli kerete..
bile tanye die, die jawab
"aku nak beli katil, nak tidor atas katil, sebab aku tak pernah ade katil sendiri"
& i laugh on dat thot, i think it's pretty funny when the 1st thing crosses her mind with cash in hands is katil.
glimpse of innocence.
but i did not laugh at dat day, when she brought one home. at her tender age of 22, and not working yet. she got a katil of her own.big one i would say, with nice plumpy mattress that i envy so much.
i did not laugh, i smile, and i asked her if she still remembers, and she just smile back.
it's her birthday yesterday - ong date chinese would say [3388], & she has bring ong to us thru out the way.

so 4u - it's just a number, it does not represent your wisdom, you yourself represent yourself.
go reach dat cloud - d ladder is ther eventho u may not see it, it's ther. just get a firm hold, & climb you!

p/s: k'lg, i did not make a special birthday post 4u last time. will pay it forward. long live insyAllah :)

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