siape yang tak suke raye?

raye mestilah best..

maybe wakjem just lurrrrrrve raye toooo much - he offered his "love" to the camera


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he - that i know

tv show that got his freak on:
house MD

what he thinks of grey's anatomy:

fav mcD's meal:
fillet o'fish

song he always sings out of tune in car:
back 2 good - matchbox 20

movie that he literally remembers all d lines:
pulp fiction

his so-called alter ego:
billy bob thornton

fav pitstop:
kedai jambu kakak "ratu kebaye" dekat tapah

his cooking style:

what he did on my 22nd birthday:
sing happy birthday totally out of tune! & leave it in my voicemail

his fantasy girlfriend:
gwen stefani - yodelay yodelay yodelay yayyy!

his belief:
dettol can cure all your skin issues

he eats:
everything, even the almost basi one - he just didn't notice it

he says no to:
no smoking

his dress code:
anything smart up ther + selipa jamban of whatever version down there

what he'll do to a glass of horlicks:
pour it into your mother's potted plant!

what he gave to me on my 4th semester?
a letter

what he wrote there?
he said he's very sorry that he were not there like anyone like him would and should have

i dunno..

if he knows, he'll know


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