if diz song was on when i was 11,
i wuld dedic8 it to my akak,
for she is my living hell thru out my pre-teen era - hehe

if diz song was on in 2009 - in d prep for my marriage,
i wuld dedic8 it to my kaklang,
for d stupid fight dat we had - and for how cruel she'd been to me (or so i thot) - hehe

but diz song was just on - & i have no 1 specific to dedic8 it to now,
becuz i'd turned on a new leaf - openly giv a damn care about wut evry1 think - or d opposite.

but i sure think dat if she knows, adik wuld dedic8 it to me,
for i am her living hell from then, till now, & forever (i much believe) - hehe

king - of - anything

keep drinking coffee stare me down across d table - while i look outside
so many things i'd say if only i were able
but i just keep quiet & count d cars dat passed by
u got opinions, man
we're all entitled to 'em - but i never asked
so let me thank u 4 ur time & try not to waste any more of mine
get out of here fast
i hate to break it to u babe - but i'm not drowning
ther's no 1 here to save
so who cares if u disagree?
you are not me
who made u king of anything?
so u dare tell me who to be
who'd die?
& made u king of anything

sara bareilles

looking back,
what i remember is,
when i ask akak "kenape kau sebok (hal aku)?"
she said "sbb aku akak kau"

& when i refuse to apologize for starting a fight with kaklang,
she pulled me towards her n said "kaklang syg kau"

& i beliv i gave d same reason to adik,
eventho she resent it, here's a message 4u adik:

u hardly can do anything about it,
sbb aku KAKAK kau.


& diz sisterhood - i pray hard dat ther wont be anything - or anyone - tearing it down

i love u guys - so so much

p/s: u r all invited to join d celebration of our annyversary nxt weeks - jgn assume ape2 yg hebat - aku nak belanje maqan2 aje :p

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